About Us

Monkey Mei Tai is a UK-based business run by me, Helen, and my husband Steve.  I’m in charge of the day-to-day workings of the business (manufacturing, product development, customer service, plus all the boring accounting bits and bobs!), while Steve provides his invaluable services as a business advisor.

Our little monkey in one of our very early prototypes.

2010 – Our first little monkey in one of our very early prototypes: the second carrier I ever made.

Our younger monkey in our last (and favourite!) MMT

2014 – Our younger monkey in our last (and favourite!) MMT

This did not happen very often so it was a real treat when it did!

2015 – Tandem carriers didnt happen very often so it was a real treat when they did!

Whilst living in South East Asia, I developed our first carrier, loosely inspired by the traditional Asian mei tai carriers, to make life easier after the birth of our first daughter.  Soon after that came the second carrier…  And then the third, fourth, and more!  They enabled us to visit places that were inaccessible to a buggy (there were plenty of those!) and allowed us to have some really incredible holidays that would otherwise have been impossible, plus, having complete freedom over the fabrics I chose meant I could make a sling for every occasion.  By the time we were back in the UK awaiting the arrival of our second little girl, we had no need for a buggy and she was exclusively ‘worn’ from birth to age 4!  It not only kept our hands free to look after our adventurous toddler, it also gave our new little baby all the wonderful benefits and closeness that babywearing provides.

Our official design was developed and tested over a period of 18 months before Steve and I launched Monkey Mei Tai LLP on 1st April 2012, and I’ve been happily creating babywearing art ever since.

I look back now with such fondness on our slinging days, and it brings me real joy to see carriers I have created enabling customers to have their own exciting adventures (and special quiet moments) with their little ones.  Plus, some of the artwork requests I get are nothing short of awesome!

I hope this introduction has helped put a face to the name, and I hope you’ll let us share in your babywearing journey one day soon.

Helen @ Monkey Mei Tai

Why choose us?

The short answer: the personal touch.

At Monkey Mei Tai, we recognise that everybody’s tastes are different, and that you might have struggled to find something that fits your style.  As a result, we have committed ourselves to creating unique, luxury slings; making your vision a reality with personalised embroidery.

Monkey Mei Tai


At MMT, we pride ourselves in our customer service, and that’s not something we say lightly!  Time and again we have been praised for going the extra mile for our customers, and your satisfaction as our customer is our top priority. No detail is too small, no question too silly.  If you’re unsure about any aspect of the wide world of custom baby carriers, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  Monkey Mei Tai

We recognise that we are not simply creating a practical product, we are creating a work of art, a treasured heirloom, something more than just a sling.  We may do this every day, but you don’t, and we recognise that your carrier is unique, special, and important.  We also make a concerted effort to conduct business in an ethical manner, we choose UK suppliers wherever possible, an, when we have to go overseas for a supplier, we make sure they are an ethical company too.


Monkey Mei Tai

Customise to your heart’s content with artwork options.

If you have ever felt intimidated by complicated wraps or fiddly straps, then please don’t worry – Monkey Mei Tai also provide clear, detailed step-by-step instructions and friendly customer support, to ensure you are completely confident in carrying your child safely.


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