Serenity – Custom Wrap Conversion Carrier

I’m not entirely sure how I missed uploading this one, but this was one of May’s carriers from 2016! An epic double-sided geek-fest of a wrap conversion, with Doctor Who themes on one side, and Firefly / Serenity themes on the other.

• Wrap Conversion
• Tie Waist
• Toddler / Preschooler Size
• Simple Flat Hood
• Extra Hood Ties
• Infinity Straps (padded to single layer)
• Arm Padding
• Leg Padding
• Freehand Embroidery
Wrap: Firespiral Silfour Starmap
The blue side features a quote from the Eleventh Doctor: “All of time and space. Everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?” laid on top of the Gallifreyan translation for “all of time and space”. Metallic steel and silver complement the stars in the pattern of the wrap.
The silver side features a quote from Wash in Serenity: “I am a leaf on the wind… watch how I soar”, complete with leaves, breeze, and Serenity herself.
Needless to say, this carrier made my geek-heart sing ♥