Can you change my carrier into another type?

As time progresses, sometimes our needs will change, and you may decide you prefer a buckle-waist, or wish you’d chosen Infinity straps.  Or maybe you’ve bought a second-hand carrier that isn’t quite perfect for you and you’d like something altering.  This is understandable, but unfortunately we are unable to change our carriers once they are made.  There are two reasons for this decision:

  • Changes of this nature will involve a lot of unpicking.  The MINIMUM amount of work involved would include unpicking the multiple rows or topstitching, and carefully unpicking the 5 rows of extra strong structural thread.  This is extremely time-consuming and would often end up costing more than a new carrier would have!
  • Sewing back over a previously unpicked area is not a good idea.  When we sew our carriers, we are creating those stitches ‘for life’.  They are not intended to be unpicked, and the fabrics involved are not intended to be reused.  Unpicking and re-stitching will almost certainly weaken the fabric, and we can no longer offer the absolute certainty that we can with our new carriers.

The only exception to this rule is the shortening of shoulder straps (within reason!), and, sometimes, shortening the padded portion of the Infinity straps.  We are willing to do this as it does not affect the structure or use of the finished carrier in any way.