What kind of wrap can you convert?

Safety is obviously our top priority, and unfortunately we find some wraps are just not suitable to be transformed into a traditional wrap conversion.  This includes gauze wraps, stretchy wraps, shifty wraps, very thin wraps and wraps with no cotton content.  Due to the variation between them and / or possible washing and care issues, we do not accept Didymos Prima, Lisca, or Pfau; or any wool-, silk-, or cashmere-blend wraps.  We reserve the right to refuse any wrap for conversion if we feel it isn’t suitable, so please do contact us if you have an unusual wrap and aren’t sure.

Bear in mind that fabric doesn’t last forever, so if your wrap is very loved and broken-in this might also render it unsuitable for conversion.  If possible, we always prefer brand new (or as-new) wraps as this gives your carrier the greatest longevity.

If your wrap isn’t suitable for conversion, we can always either team your wrap fabric with either another wrap, or use it as a panel on a mei tai, creating a ‘wrap tai’ that features your wrap on one or both panels.  There is always a solution!