What size carrier will I need?

Monkey Mei Tai carriers come in ‘Baby’ and ‘Toddler / Preschooler’ sizes.  As each child is unique, our age suggestions are approximate and the age at which a child will outgrow our ‘baby’ size will differ from child to child.

  • Baby size is suitable for children up to roughly 15kg in weight (typically around 18 months old) and measures approximately 16″ high by 17″ wide*;
  • Toddler / Preschooler size is slightly larger and is suitable for children of approximately 12kg – 30kg (typically around 15 months upwards) and measures approximately 19″ high by 20″ wide*.
  • Custom sizes can be ordered for a small extra charge, if you prefer something a little different to our standard sizes.

Although our carriers are capable of carrying far heavier weights (see our Safety demo), we do not recommend carrying a child weighing over 30kg.  Our Infinity straps prolong the useful life of your carrier even further, allowing full width, knee-to-knee support for your growing child – even after they outgrow the panel!

* While every effort is made to ensure your carrier’s exact measurements, we do allow a variation of up to 1″