Reflection: A Girasol Exclusive

I’ve always wanted my own wrap, of my own design, something that not only looks fab as a wrap, but works well as a wrap conversion too.  Obviously it had to be a rainbow, and who better to weave a rainbow than Girasol?

Not only are Girasol’s designs timeless, and their quality top-notch, but their ethics and attention to detail are extremely important to us here at MMT.  Their business is based on fair trade, and preserves the traditional weaving methods of the Maya Indians whilst benefiting the local community.  Hand woven in Guatemala by master artisans, each wrap is a work of art in itself.


So here is the result of years of planning and organisation:  Reflection, exclusive to Monkey Mei Tai.  Two 7-colour rainbows, perfectly symmetrical except for a small purple flash down one edge (for easy identification of rails).  When converted into a Monkey Mei Tai baby carrier, it will even have mirror-image rainbow straps!

‘Reflection’ is currently available in two wefts: crema de nube (cream) and cuervo (black), although if there’s enough interest in a repeat order in the future, we’ll take suggestions for other weft choices.

Available to purchase in the form of wrap conversions, wraps (sizes 2-8), ring slings (converted by MMT), cowl scarves, and soon breastpads, you can find Reflection in the online shop.


Truly, I can’t describe how thrilled I am with it, and to see literally years of work come to fruition in such a bright and beautiful way makes my heart sing. I hope you love it as much as I do.
Helen @ Monkey Mei Tai