Ring Slings & Wrap Surgery


We are no longer accepting orders for ring sling coversion.  If you would like bespoke embroidery, please get in touch


We don’t just make carriers, you know!  Wraps can be made into ring slings, shortened, re-hemmed, and middle markers moved.

For ready-made items, please visit our online shop.

Ring Slings

Monkey Mei Tai Ring Slings

We offer a wrap conversion ring sling service, and will occasionally have ring slings in stock in our online shop.  To book your wrap in for conversion,  just drop us an email at helen@monkeymeitai.co.uk

Prices for ready-made ring slings will vary according to the wrap used, but if you provide your own wrap, the prices are as follows:

  • A ring sling conversion (gathered shoulder) is £20 + p&p.  This includes removing the middle marker and overlocking the scrap if applicable.
  • If you would like your ring sling’s hem shortened (or a fringed end cut and hemmed), this is an extra £5.  All hems are overlocked prior to sewing.  For insurance reasons we cannot accept ring slings from other manufacturers (only MMT-converted ring slings) unless they are with us for a shoulder re-sew.

Please get in touch to discuss ring sling shoulder re-sews as these are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Ring Slings

As with all our carriers, safety is our top priority, so the following steps are taken to ensure your ring sling is completely safe:

  • Only top-quality aluminium sling rings are used.  We import from a tried and trusted supplier to the babywearing industry, whose safety testing is top notch.
  • The raw edge of the wrap is overlocked to prevent fraying.  It is turned under for strength and aesthetics.
  • The same extra-strong thread used to secure our carriers’ straps is used  for our ring slings.
  • One row of single stitch, and three rows of triple stitch are used to secure the rings.
  • If your sling is coming to us for a shoulder re-sew we will never sew over the same area twice.  The old stitches are unpicked, and the used wrap is trimmed away to ensure the new stitches are placed in new fabric.

Rings used are 3.5″ brushed silver rings*, however, we can order in other colours or sizes for a small surplus charge where required.

* 3.5″ outer diameter, 3″ inner diameter. Silver colour.

Wrap Surgery

Monkey Mei Tai Wrap Surgery

If you’ve got a wrap you need professionally altering – be it shortening, hemming, or the middle markers moving, we are happy to help!

  • Chopping your wrap is £5 + p&p if you want one piece overlocked & hemmed and the other piece overlocked (giving you a wrap and a scrap)
  • Chopping your wrap is £10 + p&p if you would like both pieces overlocking & hemming (giving you two shorter wraps). All hems are overlocked prior to sewing.
  • If you’d like your fringed wrap converted to a tapered wrap, this is £10 + p&p.  All hems are overlocked prior to sewing
  • Moving the middle markers of your wrap is £5 + p&p.

To book your wrap in for surgery, just drop us an email at helen@monkeymeitai.co.uk