Wrap Conversions

Monkey Mei TaiMonkey Mei Tai

Wrap conversion carriers, as the name suggests, are made from a pre-existing baby carrier called a wrap.  A wrap is essentially a single length of specially woven, supportive fabric which is wrapped around the wearer and then tied in place.  With a wrap conversion, we fashion the entire carrier from the wrap so there is no internal layer*, meaning the carrier moulds better to your baby.  You get the beauty and suppleness of the wrap, coupled with the ease of use and comfort of a carrier.

Monkey Mei Tai Wrap Conversion

Wrap conversions include our standard padded waist and wrap straps, created from a wrap that you send us.  You can, however, upgrade your carrier with a whole host of extra features, detailed below.

You can add a decorative panel to one side of your wrap conversion; or use two (or more!) wraps in one carrier; and, of course, there is a huge range of extras available.  We can also help to source a wrap if you don’t already have one you want to convert.

Shoulder Straps

There are currently three options for shoulder straps.  We also offer XL straps from £4.99 (no extra charge for wrap conversions, although it may not be possible depending on the length of the wrap provided).

  • Wrap Straps – Pleated where they join the panel, these straps flare to half the width of the wrap (approximately 13″ although this will vary from wrap to wrap). The extra width provides excellent under-bum support for the child, while the gathering cups the wearer’s shoulder well. Ideal for those who love the feel of wrapping, without the hassle of 5 metres of fabric.
  • Infinity Straps – By far our most popular option, with over 90% of our customers choosing them for their wrap conversion, Infinity straps combine the comfort of the padded strap with the support of the flared wrap strap.  Padded at the shoulder, they are a fixed width until they flare under the baby’s bottom to provide fantastic support, even for heavy toddlers. For more information on our Infinity straps, please see below.
  • Padded Straps – A simple, unflared strap; double layered and padded at the shoulder, remaining the same width down the entire length of the strap.  The padding adds an extra touch of comfort for the wearer, while the narrower straps are perfect for Lexi Twists and really quick front cross ties.

Wrap Conversion Straps

*  Please note, due to the nature of the fabric, wrap straps and Infinity straps can only be created from wrap fabric or cotton drill

A note on Infinity straps:

If you prefer a little extra support, but don’t want to lose your padded shoulder,  you can choose our unique Infinity™ straps.  Evolved from a simple wrap strap, the Infinity™ strap combines the comfort and padding of a standard padded strap with the extra support of a flared wrap strap, and has fast become our most popular feature!

Monkey Mei Tai  Monkey Mei Tai

The name ‘Infinity’ was inspired by the unique folding of the fabric, which curves over itself, echoing the mathematical symbol.  This not only provides extra comfort at the shoulders, it also produces a distinct look to the strap, unique to Monkey Mei Tai.

If your wrap’s reverse is different to its main side, both sides will be displayed at once; perfect if you can’t decide which side you like best!  If your wrap is stripy, the fold produces a very different look on each side, adding even more interest to your carrier.

The Infinity straps display both faces of the wrap at once.

“Best of both worlds”: The Infinity straps display both faces of the wrap at once in the form of a stripe of the opposite face along each strap.

The Infinity straps produce strikingly different results on each side of a striped wrap.

“The same, but different”: The Infinity straps produce strikingly different results on each side of the strap; both from the same striped wrap.

  •  Please note, due to the nature of the fabric, we can only create Infinity™ straps from wrap fabric or cotton drill.


With a Monkey Mei Tai carrier, you have three different waist options:  the standard (padded) waist, the unpadded Simplicity waist, and the (padded) half buckle waist.

The half buckle waist uses the same padding as our standard waist, only the fabric waist straps are replaced with top-quality webbing (no cheap slippy stuff here!) and a super-strong buckle.

Monkey Mei Tai

* We reserve the right to add an internal layer if we deem it necessary.  We will inform you of this before starting work on your carrier.


At Monkey Mei Tai we love adding the personal touch to your carrier with our signature bespoke artwork.  We use a mixture of appliqué and free-motion embroidery techniques to make your vision come alive, and are happy to cater to almost any request.  We don’t use embroidery machines here; everything is hand-directed with love and care, and there’s nothing we like more than creating something truly unique!  The price will depend on the size and complexity of your artwork – you can either give us an idea and a budget to work to; or you can give us detailed instructions and we can provide you with a quote.  For more information and examples please see our ‘Artwork‘ page.

Here is just a small selection of what we do.  More examples can be found in our artwork gallery or Facebook page.

Monkey Mei Tai


Extra Features


Perfect for protecting your baby against the sun, or light rain showers.  We offer three standard hoods, with the option of custom hoods (pointy pixie hoods, ears, dinosaur spikes etc).

  • Flat Hood – our simplest option.  A curved, flat hood.
  • Adjustable Flat Hood – the same shape as the flat hood, but with cinchable straps.  This is the perfect compromise – a flat surface for artwork, and a curved shape that moulds to your baby’s head better than the simple hood.
  • Riding Hood – a ‘sweatshirt’ style hood, à la Little Red Riding Hood.  This hood provides the best coverage.

Monkey Mei Tai

Other Options

Little extras to add a little touch of luxury to your carrier:

Arm padding – Squishy-soft padding at the top of the carrier, for those who like to ride ‘arms out’ (older babies) or would like a little extra head support (young babies).

Monkey Mei Tai

Leg padding – Squishy-soft padding to cushion your child’s legs.

Leg Padding

Leg Padding

Extra Hood Ties – located where the hood joins the body panel, these are great if you want to roll your hood up out of the way when not in use.

Monkey Mei Tai

Carry bag – An ecru drawstring bag, stamped with our logo.  Perfect for storage and easy transportation of your carrier.

Monkey Mei Tai

Internal layer (wrap conversions) – For safety reasons, it is sometimes necessary to stabilise your wrap conversion with an internal layer, either of cotton drill, or organic cotton wrap.  We will discuss this with you before we begin work on your carrier.

Breast Pads – Providing there is enough leftover fabric, you can order matching washable breastpads

Monkey Mei Tai


Cowl Scarf – Providing there is enough leftover fabric, we can create a matching cowl scarf for you

Monkey Mei Tai



All Monkey Mei Tai carriers come in ‘Baby’ and ‘Toddler / Preschooler’ sizes.

  • Baby size is suitable for children up to roughly 15kg in weight (typically around 15 months old) and measures approximately 16″ high by 17″ wide.
  • Toddler / Preschooler size is slightly larger and is suitable for children of approximately 12kg – 30kg* (typically around 15 months upwards) and measures approximately 19″ high by 20″ wide.
  • Custom sizes can be ordered on request, if you prefer something a little different to our standard sizes.
  • Our standard shoulder straps are approximately 2.2m long.  We can create an even longer strap; this can be arranged on request.
Monkey Mei Tai

Not just for babies! Carry children up to 30kg in weight.

* Although our carriers are capable of carrying far heavier weights (see our Safety demo), we do not recommend that you carry a child weighing in excess of 30kg.